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Pre Natal Classes

If you are having a child for the first time, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by questions, fears, and just not knowing what to expect. Many new parents would find that the Pre-natal birthing classes at Ninewells can really help calm their worries and answer many questions.

These classes cover all kinds of issues surrounding childbirth including breathing techniques, pain management, vaginal labor, and cesarean labor. They can help prepare you for many aspects of childbirth: for the changes that pregnancy brings, for labor and delivery, and for parenting once your baby is born.

  • The importance of Pre Natal Education
  • Class Outline
    • Course held once a month
    • Duration 3days 3 hours
    • Registration Contact Sister Kaly - 077 357 6592

The importance of Pre Natal Education
We at Ninewells conduct special prenatal classes towards ensuring that every stage of a woman’s pregnancy will be smooth as possible. Whether you are a mother expecting your first baby or the second or you are going to be a new father you may be feeling apprehensive about your new role don’t worry while parenting may be one of the most responsible and challenging jobs around, its also one of the most rewarding. 

These classes first and foremost impart knowledge with the husband being a part of the process from the very beginning. His input is quite essential as he has to play a supporting role. These classes that many mothers and father to be have taken to by giving most of their time to diligently listen and follow the do’s and don’ts towards a trouble free pregnancy.

As any mother to be or a new mom knows the physical, emotional and social demands on your life seem to multiply with the pregnancy or the arrival of a new baby, these cause heaps of unexpected stress for the mother. For many couples the adjustments to be made during pregnancy can triumph over the joy of giving birth. The degree of strain depends on the way the couple adjusts to problems which arise in their relationship. However, by attending the prenatal classes it helps joint preparation and understanding of pregnancy, childbirth etc and comforting each other in times of anxiety.

The knowledge that the parents gain through these classes gives them so much confidence to go through the whole process. The more knowledge and practical skills the mother to be gains through these classes the more confident she is to go through the whole process which would help the expectant mother ease the negative emotions and anxiety she feels during the pregnancy.

Prenatal classes are quite useful as they are a place to ask questions, gather information, and to socialize with other pregnant women and their partners and forming a long term support network because every time is in the same time frame. Recent studies in medical literature have upheld the benefits of childbirth education.

  • Learn how to make pregnancy more comfortable.
  • Get answers to common questions and information about concerns.
  • Learn about prenatal development. 
  • Learn about danger signals in pregnancy.
  • Learn about pregnancy and how your life is affected.
  • Learn about premature labor and how to prevent it.
  • Learn how to involve your family in your pregnancy and birth.
  • Learn good communication skills and birth plans.
  • Learn how to tell if this is labor.
  • Learn about support options (doulas, montrices, etc.).
  • Learn the breathing techniques
  • Learn what to expect during labor and birth. 
  • Learn about pain relief options.
  • Learn about caring for your new baby.
  • Learn about the benefits of breastfeeding and how to get started. 
  • Learn infant stimulation and development techniques.

These days’ parents to be have access to so much of information available on the internet, reading material etc. but by attending our prenatal classes one could gain the practical, accurate information and support from the prenatal educators.

Prenatal classes also help the expectant mother with dietary assistance and can also gain valuable knowledge about the meals that should be taken in order to ensure that the baby gets optimum nutrition for growth and specifically brain development. Our prenatal classes provide exercises and diet plans which are specially tailor made to suit each individual’s needs. 

Breathing techniques are also a vital part of the prenatal classes that Ninewells conducts. These classes trains and guides the mother through a series of planned methods to breathe to have a safe and happy birth. We at Ninewells recommend moderate exercises that include toning of the muscles and stretching to help the mother have a well conditioned body throughout the pregnancy which will in turn will prevent minor ailments, aches and pains throughout the pregnancy and make the birthing process easy. 
Most mothers find that breastfeeding should come naturally to the mother, it’s a new learning experience for both mother and baby and the challenges to make it successful needs to be met with practical skill, knowledge and support. Also minor discomforts of breastfeeding are well explained and understood as how to deal without giving up breast feeding. 

Finally, the neonate psychology helps the parent to deal with the emotional and psychological development of the new born baby creating a deep bond of love and understanding in the new family.

Class Outline

Day 1 Practical preparation for babies’ birth
Brief outline on natural birth
Technology related to birth
All about fetal movement and monitoring
Reasons why and how procedures are carried out
Pain relief – drugs used, epidural
Caesarian section – Mothers participation and co-operation , 
parents role , Do's & Don'ts
Break – Snacks provided
Safe Exercises for mother for easy birth – Natural or Caesarian
Better nutrition and oxygenation of baby
Relaxation & Meditation to help birth
Do's & Don'ts, feeding regimes and diets in breast feeding
Sore nipples
Engorged breast

Day 2 Breast-feeding & Baby Care
Care of breasts in pregnancy
What to buy for breast-feeding
Techniques Do's & Don'ts, feeding regimes and diets in breast feeding
Sore nipples
Engorged breast
Sterilizing methods
Break – with snacks
Sighs and symptoms for reason for why baby cries – crying patterns
What parents can do
What to ask the pediatrician
When should the baby be seen again by the pediatrician and when 
should immunization be given
How to deal with
Sleeping positions – sleeping patterns
Cord cleaning
Taking temperature of baby and what to do if baby has fever
Nappy change, Diarrhea and vomiting
Video on breast feeding

Day 3 Child Psychology
Observation of the newborn by the parents
Adjusting to the needs of your new born baby
Bonding/attachment behavior
Parenting styles and out come
Aspects of development of baby – physical, intelligence , emotional , 
social appropriately play & Stimulation for babies age
Video on bathing the baby
Postnatal exercises session (1 HR) after birth of baby included in program

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