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4D Scanning


4D scanning offered at Ninewells is an amazing three dimensional picture of your baby on the screen. Your baby can even sometimes be seen moving, yawning, sucking the thumb and even smiling. A truly magical experience!

We at Ninewells are the pioneers of 4D bonding scans in Sri Lanka. Our service is affordable, safe, professional and world recognized. All of our 4D scans include a well-being check which is medically approved.

What are 2D, 3D and 4D Scans?

  • 2D - Normal ultrasound machines produce a 2D (cross section) image which shows an outline of the baby and the internal organs.
  • 3D - The three dimensional (3D) images show the outside of the baby.
  • 4D - The recent advances allow the 3D reconstruction to occur so fast that the baby can be viewed in real time (4D scanning). Therefore 4-D scans are effectively moving 3-D images of the baby.

Are 4D Scans harmful to mother or baby?
These scans use the same technology as 2D scans therefore they are as safe as normal scans.

When can I have a 4D Scan performed?
The best time to have a 3-D or 4-D scan is between 10 - 14 weeks and 18 - 30 weeks.

What do you check in the 4D scan?
We will check whether your baby is developing normally (NWC well being checklist) and the sex of your baby if requested (not between 10-14 weeks).

What preparation do I need?
No preparation is required. You do not need to have a full bladder for your 4D bonding scan

How long will the scan take?
It will take approximately 45 minutes

What you will get to take home?
• 4D scan DVD/CD in sleeve or USB pen drive including mini clips (AVI format) and still images (jpeg format)
• Thermal black and white prints

Is the scan always successful? Not always. There are some factors that can affect the success of your scan, the most common being the position of your baby. If this happens we will ask you to get up, walk about and have a drink to encourage your baby to move.


This is done between 7 and 11 weeks of your pregnancy

We look for the following at this scan,

  • The site of the pregnancy
  • Check the baby’s heart beat – (viability)
  • Count the number o f babies (Single or multiple)
  • To measure the baby to check that the dates are correct

What happens to the results of the scan?
The results will be fully discussed with you and you will be able to ask any questions that you may have.
The results will also be sent to your gynaecologist and will be included in your antenatal notes to ensure continuity of care between us and your doctor.


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