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About Us
To be the National leader of patient focused, compassionate and effective health care services for the women and children of the community we serve.
To provide facilities and services which promote the highest quality care, and comfort.

To be the premium health care establishment for women and children.

To be the first preference for people looking for health care for women and children.

To be the first choice for physicians and health care professionals of the highest quality and greatest expertise

To be the leaders in applying and introducing health care based cutting edge technology to continually improve the services in the health care field.





Code of Ethics
Patient’s rights
We will care in a compassionate, fair and responsible manner to all patients and their families. The Hospital does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, social status, religion, culture, sexual orientation or health status.

Patient’s confidentiality
We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the patient. The notion of confidentiality is understood as covering the written medical record as well as any information disclosed by patients, their families or third parties. Unless specific release of information is authorized by the patient, the parents or guardian (in the case of a minor less than 14 years old) or otherwise required by law.

Patient’s Privacy
We  recognize that each patient has the right to have his or her self-respect and modesty respected. Treatments, examinations and personal care will be performed in a manner that respects the dignity and privacy of the patient.

Receiving gifts from patient’s or vendors
Employees are prohibited from accepting tips, personal gratitude’s or gifts from patients or vendors. Employees may, accept non monetary gratuities or gifts of insignificant value such as flowers, cookies, cake if the gift dose not manipulate, or reasonably show to others to be capable of influencing the employees business judgment in carrying out affairs with the patient or vendor.

If the value of the gift is substantial or there is any question regarding whether the gift meets this standard of reasonableness the employee must seek prior approval.

Giving Gifts
We shall not offer or give money, services or other things of vale with the expectation of influencing the judgment or decision making process of any purchaser , patient ,governmental official or any other person.

We treat our vendors fairly and preserve neutrality in our associations. We do not permit our friendships with vendors or others with whom we may do business in the future to affect our business decisions.

We respect our environment and therefore we are careful when disposing waste .We  are also dedicated in using the natural resources carefully without wasting them.

Marketing and Advertising
We are bonded to the principles of truthfulness, accuracy, and fairness in all activities related to marketing and advertising. We will not misrepresent the truth about services or products offered by us. We will not attack or criticize another provider, whether by name or implication, in any marketing or advertising efforts. We may feature our outstanding services or offer factual evidence of quality of care, but will not claim superiority where it cannot be substantiated.

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